I’m Covid-19 Bulletproof, But Delta is Here

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By Alicia Chamely

WOO-Wee things are looking up!

Borders are open, businesses are opening up, my children may get to go to school in person twice a week and people seem to be embracing the vaccinate to operate ideology.

Yes, the future is looking all rosy and bri…..


Oh my life. Oh all our lives.

Every time things start to look up, the universe launches a Molotov cocktail of chaos into the mix.

I find myself rather conflicted. I had intentions of arguing that it’s time to get life moving again.

The government has done all it can do. It has provided the tools for us to move forward and it is up to the citizenry to take up the responsibility of doing what needs to be done.


Argue all you want, I believe having a mostly vaccinated population is our best bet in avoiding further economic closures and the collapse of our medical services.

I had planned to write the vaccines are here, so it’s up to you if you want them or not. It’s your choice and no one can force you to be vaccinated. If you do not want to be vaccinated you have to be prepared for the consequences, it’s the path you have chosen.

Pestex 12


But neither the country nor the world can wait on you anymore.

I wanted to write let’s open this place up and to each their own… battle of survival! Ahhhhh

Sounds heartless, I know, but we cannot survive in this state of perpetual stagnation.

Then the Delta dropped and I received a phone call from my cousin-in-law, who is a doctor in the public healthcare service that left me rattled.

I’ve had Covid, I am vaccinated, and at this point I am pretty bulletproof. Statistically it’s unlikely I will get a breakthrough infection since I have such a jam-packed immune defense. I am still cautious though, cause I am bad lucky like that.

What frightens me about the Delta variant is that it can make children really sick.


The OG version of Covid-19 mostly spared young children. If they did get it, it was extremely mild and symptoms were short lived.

The Delta don’t care about your babies and we are now seeing children being hospitalised daily in the United States, especially in states where masks and vaccines aren’t seen as too important… I’m looking at you Florida.

Doctors and scientists are still uncertain as to whether the Delta variant makes children sicker than the original Covid-19 virus. But it has become clear the Delta variant runs more rampant among children.

For me the only silver lining in this pandemic was that Covid-19 rarely affected children and now with the Delta, it has disappeared.


Having Covid as an adult was balls. I cannot imagine watching my children go through it.

My children are too young to be vaccinated, they are now more at risk than ever and my heart breaks for them.

The best thing we can do is to keep pushing for people to be vaccinated. So far data has shown that vaccines have some efficacy against this new variant. It has also shown that those who are vaccinated and get infected are less likely to be hospitalised or die.

While a vaccinated person who is infected with Delta variant can spread it, data collected by the US Centre of Disease Control (CDC) has shown that vaccinated persons are contagious for a shorter period of time.


To simplify, Larry is vaccinated and has gotten a breakthrough infection of the Delta variant. He has only been contagious for a couple of days. Sally is not vaccinated, she has Delta and has been contagious for about a week. Due to the period of time in which they were both contagious, vaccinated Larry has infected less people unvaccinated Sally.

Vaccination is so important right now. It not only protects you, but protects those who cannot be vaccinated because of age or other medical concerns.

I respect everyone’s decisions regarding what they do with their bodies, but my children’s lives are more at risk than ever, so I  don’t give a… anymore.


Get vaccinated, nobody wants to experiment on you or track you. If this whole pandemic was a money making scheme for Big Pharma, wouldn’t they have developed a treatment rather than a vaccine?

Use your brains, listen to the professionals and stop expecting everyone to cater to your bad choices.


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