Hot Spell Warning Discontinued

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TRINIDAD and Tobago is no longer under a hot spell warning.

The warning was discontinued and downgraded to green level at 11.23 am on Thursday by the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS).

TTMS stated, “Partly cloudy to cloudy conditions and rainfall events have led to lower maximum temperatures and these conditions are forecast for at least the next three days. As a result, the hot spell warning is discontinued.”

The TTMS advises however, that Trinidad and Tobago is still in its heat season and warm to hot temperatures are still expected.

The hottest time of the day is generally between 10  am to 4 pm.

The TTMS continued to advise that it was important to wear appropriate clothing, stay hydrated at all times, and keep out of direct sunlight to avoid sunburn. 

Open appropriate windows, vents and doors in homes to ventilate at times. 

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Prolonged exposure to hot conditions (high feel-like temperatures) can be hazardous to health, especially to the elderly, sick adults, and young children, TTMS warned.

The hot spell warning, yellow alert was issued on September 15 and initially was expected to last until September 29.

From Thursday until midnight, the TTMS predicted partly cloudy conditions with periods of showers over varying areas and few isolated thunderstorm activity which would be settled later in the evening.


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