Hennessy Unveils Limited-Edition Carnival Bottle

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Above caption: From left are Hennessy Carnival Ambassador and Divisional Manager, Premium Beverages, Christopher de Verteuil; Chairman David Franco; Brand Manager Moet Hennessy Sabrina Celestin and Group CEO Richard Pandohie

By Prior Beharry

Hennessy launches a limited-edition bottle commemorating the celebration of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival and Caribbean culture.

The new bottle was unveiled at the Hyatt Regency on Thursday with traditional mas characters – the Midnight Robber and Pierrot Grenade.

Speaking at the launch were Hennessy Carnival Ambassador and Brydens Divisional Manager Premium Beverages Christopher de Verteuil and Brand Manager Moet Hennessy Brydens Sabrina Celestin.


De Verteuil said Hennessy was on the cutting edge with its innovation pipeline globally.

He said it was able to successfully localise the global brand within the Caribbean culture with limited edition offerings over the years.

De Verteuil said this new bottle premiered in Trinidad and will be taken to other countries for their Carnival celebrations.

He said, “Today, we unveil the Hennessy VS Carnival Limited Edition bottle to coincide with our local Carnival celebrations here in Trinidad and Tobago. Hereafter the bottle will be launched in other markets across the globe to celebrate their own Carnival activities. 

“We are exceptionally humbled, proud and honoured to be the first market globally to launch this special limited edition bottle.” 


De Verteuil said, “It is indeed a tremendous honour and privilege to have Moet Hennessy as a business partner in Trinidad for well over 30 years. 

“The history and love for the Hennessy brand runs deep in the veins of Trinbagonians, who adore this brand and its lifestyle, which is embedded in the culture of music, and the local party circuit.”

He said this global brand has always embodied its fitting slogan, never stop never settle.

Celestin said the brand had a special tie to culture in the country.

Brydens team: From left Hennessy Carnival Ambassador and Divisional Manager, Premium Beverages, Christopher de Verteuil; Commercial Manager Premium Beverages Janelle Lee Loy-Kong; Chairman David Franco; Group Deputy Chairman Michael Conyers; Brand Manager Moet Hennessy Sabrina Celestin; Managing Director Stephen Welch; and Group CEO Richard Pandohie

She said, “Hennessy is a cultural brand by design. The nascent history of cultivating ties with local culture and modes of artistic expression is particularly evident across the Caribbean where Hennessy VS is synonymous with festivity and community.

“For us. It was only natural to produce a limited edition that also honours the vibrant energy of today’s Carnival celebrations all over the world. So we’re quite proud of that. We’re the first one to have the reveal.”

Another Carnival character – The Dame Lorraine – is expected to make appearances in other promotions.



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