Giving Flowers to Our Heroes

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WE must always be mindful enough to give our flowers to national heroes.

We recently heard in the media that people are talking about giving flowers to our heroes before they die. And I must say as a citizen, I think we finally got it right or we’re on to something great. If we are not respectful to the people who have made this country, then what is today? And that, to me, is the wisest course of action. Because if we do not give our heroes their flowers when they are alive and can appreciate it, what’s the sense in doing so when they’re gone? We as a country should always be respectful for the contribution they have made. We should be mindful now and show that appreciation when these heroes can see it with their eyes wide open.

This is wisdom and shall I say, practical wisdom at its best. When they’re gone, we no longer appreciate that presence in the public domain. For that reason, we should pay them homage now as a country. Let’s do it collectively by respecting their contribution when they are alive and kicking, my friends and readers.

Out of nothing, they created something. Intellectual properties, medals, world records, these are part of the fabric that make up this action, and we as a society need to give the heroes the respect that they deserve. What is the reason that we don’t give them flowers? Is there any reason why? By finding the answers, we find what needs to be done collectively.

When it comes to sacrifice and dedication, they give us their lives. What will it take as a progressive society to recognise that dedication? Is it not what ought to be done? Or should I say we should do this as a society? In everything we do, we always have procedures. By having that procedure, we should give them the love when they are alive. Love is what we need to master now, is that too forward to do or not?

Let’s give them love and show that sensitivity in a tribute to their service to our nation. Let us do this finally!

Have we ever thought about how our heroes will feel after their contribution? A practical lesson we need to learn in that realm is that if someone contributes something in a particular way, appreciation needs to be felt in some way. This must be noted as they paved a way for us to see ourselves represented well. If we think about it, everything we do in some special way, that we get acknowledgement for, all of us have those traits and feelings for acceptance.

And if the flowers are given to us appropriately with the time of a life span, a certain feeling will be felt in our hearts privately. We may not say publicly but that is how we are made, for some form of approval that we all need sometimes. So even though it is not said out loud, in our heart, it is felt. This is something as a country we need to fix ASAP cause we need to get it right as a nation.

Let us give our flowers to our heroes when they are alive. Let us appreciate the contribution they have made to the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. This is what we need to do and let’s get it right finally. Love is at the door, and we must give them that love and flowers before it’s too late. When all is said and done, real love for our national heroes means giving them due respect as public figures. They have been a strong rock for us and they shine their greatness on us. Thank you for reasoning and tracking with me, and always remember we need to give them flowers when they are alive and kicking. Thank you, my reader.
Treldon Layne is a motivational speaker


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