Gary Aboud Slams Central Bank for Misprinted $20 Bill

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IT is the first time in the history of Trinidad and Tobago that the Government is issuing false currency.

So said Corporate Secretary of Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) Gary Aboud after the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago confirms that there have been misprints of $20 bills.

Back of misprinted $20 note


“This misprint shows up as one side of the note being blank for the most part,” a release from the Central Bank on Thursday stated.

The bank stated that those notes were valid tender and should be brought into the Central Bank to be exchanged.

In an interview with on Friday, Aboud said, “It is the first time in history of this country that the Government themselves are giving false bills.”

Aboud first raised the issue in a video that went viral on the internet.  He showed a misprinted $20 note he received from the bank for his payroll.

Front of the misprinted $20 note

Speaking on Friday, He said, “It is ridiculous that the Central Bank is only responding after I raised a hornet’s nest of their own incompetencies.”

“If they knew that they had fake bills and they were giving the public fake bills why didn’t they say so before they gave it out.

“Why is it that they are only responding when we make a video and the video goes viral.”

He called for compensation for poor people who may have to travel long distances to go to the Central Bank to change the misprinted $20 and pay more than that in transportation costs.

See Gary Aboud’s video on misprinted $2o bill below:


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