Flash Flooding in POS

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PORT-OF-SPAIN – HEAVY showers just after 12 noon cause flash flooding in downtown Port-of-Spain on Wednesday.

There were reports of flooding on Charlotte Street, Frederick Street, Edward Street, South Quay and Independence Square.

Pedestrians were left stranded and videos and photos on social media showed vehicles stalling in the flood waters.

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Office forecast for this Wednesday afternoon and night:

“Mostly sunny day with brief showers in a few areas but there is the chance (40% – 60%) of a heavy shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon favouring western and southern areas of Trinidad. Mostly fair night with the chance of an isolated shower. In the event of a heavy shower or thunderstorm winds can become gusty and street and or flash flooding can occur.”

Watch flash flooding in Port-of-Spain on Wednesday:

Flooding at South Quay

Charlotte Street


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