Shaka Ego Hurts, after Fainting on Live TV

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‘Sometimes life gives you a moment to pause. This was mine’ – Shaka Hislop

FORMER national goalkeeper Shaka Hislop is doing fine after fainting during an ESPN live broadcast on Sunday.

Hislop, 54, a broadcaster with ESPN was at the Rose Bowl in Pasedena California, in the US when the incident occurred.

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He was doing commentary for a pre-season match between AC Milan and Real Madrid with his broadcast partner Dan Thomas and looked as if he was smiling before collapsing on the ground much to the dismay of Thomas who immediately called for medics.

In a social media status update, Hislop thanked everyone who reached out to him afterwards.

He posted, “Hi everyone. Excuse the bluntness of my first message. A lot was coming at me quickly and I wanted to just get it out there that I was ok. And I am. I’m feeling much better… ego still hurts like hell tho.

Hislop continued, “Sometimes life gives you a moment to pause. This was mine. And I have to pay attention. Thanks for all your messages. My apologies if I can’t get to them all. But please know I’ve read every one and appreciate you reaching out.”

A relieved Thomas told viewers at half-time, “My mate, Shaka, not here, but as it stands, it’s good news’. He’s conscious, he’s talking, I think he’s a little embarrassed about it all. He’s apologised profusely. Not a man who likes people to make a fuss of him.”


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