Facebook, Instagram Down

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Update: They are back up!!!

By Prior Beharry

USERS worldwide encountered significant technical disruptions on Meta’s social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, with thousands reporting difficulties accessing services and experiencing error messages on Tuesday.

The widespread issues led to disruptions in user activity, prompting concerns and frustrations among the affected community, news outlets reported.


Many users reported being unexpectedly logged out of their Facebook accounts, and when attempting to log back in, they encountered error messages, including one that stated, “Something went wrong. Please try again.” The disruptions started to surface just after 10.30 am ET on Tuesday, causing a surge in error reports. By 11 am, Downdetector, a monitoring service, had registered over 500,000 error reports from users globally.


The technical glitches extended to Instagram, where users faced difficulties with their feeds not refreshing. The outage also impacted Meta’s Messaging platform and Threads, a Twitter-like app launched by Meta last year.



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