Exclusive: Gayelle in HD on Republic Day

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GAYELLE The Channel will have a relaunch in High Definition (HD) when Trinidad and Tobago celebrates Republic Day on September 24.

It will now be called Gayelle, The Caribbean.

This was revealed by Gayelle’s Errol Fabien in an exclusive interview with AZPNews on Monday.

Fabien, who owns the concession for Gayelle, said that while the station was now airing shows from its archives on cable providers FLOW and TSTT, things were about to change.

He said, “Gayelle is still on. We show what we have in our archive because I have no studio.

“We used to have 100 staff, now we have three. A lot has changed.”

Fabien said Gayalle was in every Caribbean territory except Cuba.

He added, “Every one – French, English, Spanish, Papiamento, Creole everywhere. Haiti, DR, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Caymans, everywhere.

Errol Fabien

While admitting that the current broadcast quality was poor, he said Gayelle was now upgrading its equipment and testing an HD connection with FLOW.

Fabien said, “On Republic Day this year is the day I will switch over to HD.”

He said, “Gayelle will continue to be a non-fiction Caribbean content television station.

“But our format will now embrace health and wellness – emotional, environmental, laughter, spiritual.

“We were very broad in our non-fiction and local, we are going to remain in there but we are just going to pull in a little more things that promote all types of wellness and all types of health.”






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