EMA Monitoring Noise Levels from La Brea Petrochemical Plant

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THE Environmental Management Authority (EMA) is monitoring noise levels  in La Brea following complaints from residents affected by the start-up operations of  the first petrochemical facility in La Brea – Caribbean Gas Chemicals Limited (CGCL).

Stephen Mc Clashie, Member of Parliament for La Brea and residents of Sobo Village and Square Deal reported that they were being negatively affected by heat, noise, odour and vibration coming from the plant.

The EMA in a release issued on Wednesday stated that noise monitoring was conducted and a meeting was held with CGCL representatives to discuss residents’ concerns.

The EMA stated, “CGCL advised that the impacts being experienced are temporary and are expected to reduce over the period September 10 to September 17, 2020. CGCL has committed to continuing engagement with the fenceline communities through their Corporate Affairs Department. The EMA further advised CGCL that the company should ensure residents are provided with timely and accurate updates regarding the progress of activities at the plant, in accordance with the conditions of the Certificate of Environmental Clearance, whilst the EMA continues to conduct additional noise monitoring in the area.”

CGCL is a locally registered and operated company established to oversee the construction of a gas to petrochemical complex at Union Industrial Estate, La Brea. It is a joint venture with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC), Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC) and Massy Holdings Limited (MHL).



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