UNC: EBC Politically Biased

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) has again exposed its political bias through a highly partisan media release on the upcoming Local Government Election (LGE).

The United National Congress (UNC) made this statement on Wednesday evening following the publication of a media release by the EBC on an election update.


The EBC stated in its release on Tuesday, “Ten political parties have put forward candidates with the People’s National Movement being the only political party with candidates in all 141 electoral districts.”

The UNC stated that the statement was “inappropriate”, “curious” and “prejudicial.”

The party stated, “The assertion is outrageous and disturbing since the EBC’s constitutional remit is to independently conduct elections without any perception of prejudice or unfair influence.”

In an accomodation, the UNC has fielded 110 candidates and the National Transformation Alliance (NTA) field 31.

Together, the two parties will be contesting all 141 electoral districts.


“This important fact was not stated in the EBC’s release,” the UNC stated.

The party said that the statement by the Commission was another indicator of the PNM’s encroachment upon the critically important EBC. 

The call was again made to have independent international observers to oversee the August 14 Local Government Election. 

“The UNC calls upon conscientious citizens and respected impartial organisations to publicly support this legitimate and justifiable demand,” the UNC release stated.


One thought on “UNC: EBC Politically Biased

  1. The EBC has been exposed . The action and conduct of the 2015 was pronounced by the courts were deemed to be wrong when the extended the time for election in ST JOSEPH by informing the PNM much earlier than the UNC.
    Having severe flooding throughout Trinidad….the EBC should now publish it option for unforeseen circumstances…such as weather, earthquakes, protest, road blockades and particularly PROTEST & STRIKES

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