De Nobriga Responds to Cooperative Drive Residents…

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By Prior Beharry

MP for Diego Martin Central Symon De Nobriga says he understands the frustration of residents of Cooperative Drive Simeon Road in Petit Valley.

This is in response to their protest action on Friday morning to complain about the dilapidated conditions of their road.

Resident Stephanie Kirk said they were frustrated and complaints to De Nobriga and the Diego Martin Regional Corporation have fallen on deaf ears. She said the corporation told them that it had no money to do the work.

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She said there were potholes and a part of the road was about to fall off and this could cause a major landslide that will affect power and water lines.

In a response to AZP News, De Nobriga said the residents did not speak to him but stressed that he wanted to get the project to fix the road started and completed.

He said, “I know the situation at Cooperative Drive and I understand the frustration of the residents.

“Cooperative Drive is a street that falls under the responsibility of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation and it’s my understanding, from the councillor for that district, that it is listed as a project to be done this financial year.”

De Nobriga said the works will include paving, drainage and a retaining wall.”

He said he will follow up with the regional corporation to find out when the work will begin.

Residents of Cooperative Drive protesting on Friday

The residents said they would resort to blocking the roads in the area and burning tyres if nothing is done soon.

De Nobriga is also Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for communications and was the former councillor for the district of Morne Coco/Alyce Glen where Cooperative Drive is located.


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