Diego Martin Complex Fully Completed, Not a Construction Site – PM

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE Diego Martin Regional Complex is fully constructed, fully furnished and ready to use contrary to what the Opposition may want the population to believe.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley responded on Monday to Member of Parliament for Barataria/San Juan Saddam Hosein claims that the complex was a construction site.

Dr Rowley said Hosein’s statements were “an unadulterated lie.”

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The launch of the complex’s opening took place on Saturday with media personalities being invited on a tour of the facility that will house the Diego Martin Regional Corporation.

On Sunday, at the Opposition press briefing, Hosein said Dr Rowley should have worn a hardhat instead as he was visiting a construction zone.

Speaking at a press conference Dr Rowley said, “It was made clear in the proceedings that that building has two owners, on the northern half is the Government, on the southern half is FCB (First Citizens Bank). FCB is opening its business there I am told in a matter of a few days. And Diego Martin Corporation has moved into that building. The building is ready for use.”

He also invited members of the media to tour of the building if they desired to see that it was completed.


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