Commentary: Focus on the Good for 2020

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Now that the ham, sorrel, pastelle and ponche de crème have settled (courtesy two Andrews of course) and the cloud of celebratory decriminalised weed smoke has cleared, we are now left to reminisce on the train wreck of 2019.

I would like to hope that everyone had an enjoyable Christmas, but the reality is for many Trinbagonians it was miserable, especially people of south Trinidad who recently lost everything due to flooding and were offered a super generous $2 million for flood relief. I mean do you know how far $2 million can stretch? So, so far…long watery stueps.

2019 was rough. Crime continues to spiral out of control, I am sure by Tuesday we will be closing out the year with our highest murder rate yet, we still cannot get a grip on flooding, Petrotrin finally bit the dust sending home close to 2000 employees, TTT also booted their employees right before Christmas, Darryl and Marlene continued to be a thorn in Rowely’s side and despite a super rainy season (that included lots of flooding) our reservoirs somehow continued to be near empty. It seems that rains falls everywhere in Trinidad, except by our reservoirs.

I am trying not to focus too much on the negatives, but it’s hard when they seem to eclipse even the smallest of victories. Take for example in the male dominated local government, Vandana Mohit became the mayor of Chaguanas at 29. She’s an inspiration for all girls who hope to one day help positively impact our country. What should have been celebrated sadly was overshadowed by some sexy snaps, and good old culture of Trini double standards come roaring out in online comments everywhere.

The best was one where someone said she should step down because she should have known better and is a bad example for someone in a Governmental position. AHAHAHAHA! Seriously! Listen we have all seen Wayne Sturge in his ridiculous superman jockeys and not once did anyone jump and say he couldn’t be a Senator. Ohhh but because Vandana is a woman she should have known better…NOT TODAY JESUS.

Another positive that was overshadowed by speculation and public dissatisfaction was the completion of the President’s house. Finally, after what felt like a 1000 years, the repairs on the President’s house have been completed and for the discounted price of $89 million!

Now I am all for preserving our historical landmarks but the amount of money spent is obscene considering the state of our nation’s hospitals which are in dire need of an $89 million renovation themselves.

Here’s the thing, had the Government, past and present, fixed the roof as it collapsed and had a proper maintenance schedule, a crap ton of money would have been saved.

What pissed people off even more was when Her Excellency, who is also having a bad year, confirmed she would not be moving into the official residence.

Personally I wouldn’t want to live there either, I am pretty sure it’s haunted. Rumor has it a ghost like figure resembling Jearlene John roams the halls at night moaning, “HDC, why yuh let go of meeeeeeee.” Hard pass.

I asked Facebook what were some good things to happen this year? Some of the answers I got were pretty entertaining – Dole In A Hole, Ganja for everyone and Govinda’s mother could sleep easy without getting her toes suck cause the Buck gone.

If it is one thing we as Trinis have is a sense of humour, but beyond the giggles some good things did happen in 2019.

Caribbean Airlines made a profit…finally, Nicholas Paul broke the Men’s 200 Fly Sprint record at the Elite Pan American Track Cycling Championships, the price of doubles didn’t rise, there were major gas discoveries both offshore and inland, no more pesky immigration forms and Dingolay and Ramajay are now entries in the star maps.

Granted I could pick through a couple of these and find major faults and ask whether “dis helping me,” but I would rather not. You see even in the darkest nights if you look hard enough you can see a little light and sometimes we have to focus on that light.

So that’s my plan for 2020. To try to focus on the good left in TT, to try my hardest not to look at everything through suspicious eyes and to appreciate any small glimmer of light.

Maybe if we all tried to focus on the positives we’d be able to better tackle the negatives, or maybe not. Regardless, here’s to the end of dismal year and the faint hope that 2020 will be a little better.

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