CMO: I have to be Pessimistic

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CHIEF Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram says he has to be pessimistic when it comes to trying to predict what may happen with Covid-19.

He made the comment during the virtual news conference on Monday when asking about not new cases of the virus being reported for over a week in Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr Parasram said, “Our last positive case was April 26. It’s been over a week without a positive case.

“From where I sit, I have to be as pessimistic as possible to ensure something as a hidden phenomenon is not missed.

“I was concerned about last two cases (#115 and #116) to ensure clusters don’t develop.

“Let’s go for the full 14 days from the last case and see how it develops. We have begun surveillance testing.

“We remain listed as sporadic in terms of WHO profile.”

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