Chinese Nationals Charged for Opening Restuarant

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FOR operating their Chinese restaurant which is against the present health regulations, three Chinese nationals have been arrested and charged.

The three, Kyie Hong Ng, 23, Yu Mei Wen, 53, and Chan Kow Ng, 55, all of Madras Street, St James are expected to appear before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate on Friday.

Police reported on Thursday, they were arrested by officers attached to the Special Patrol Unit (SPU) after midday on Wednesday  and later charged by WPC Marshall. Field operations were supervised by acting Insp Basant, Sgts Degale and Franktom, and executed by officers of the St James Police Station and SPU.

And in a separate incident, two owners and operators of a supermarket have been charged with operating their business in breach of the Emergency Powers (No 2) Regulations.

Shumin Zhou and Xiao Zheng, of 162 Eastern Main Road, Barataria, were arrested on Thursday morning at Happiness Supermarket.

Police reported on Thursday that  around 7.45 am, members of the North Eastern Division Task Force, under the direction of acting Senior Supt Winston Maharaj, were on patrol when they noticed that Happiness Supermarket was open for business.

On checking, the police officers found out that the owners were not persons exempted under Regulation 14 of the Emergency Powers (No 2) Regulations 2021.

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Regulations 14 states: “Notwithstanding regulation 3(10) for the purposes of the public holidays on Monday 31st May, 2021 and Thursday 3rd June, 2021 during the hours of 5.01am to 10.01am on each day, only the activities and services permitted by: (a) regulations 3(5), 3(6) and 3(7); (b) regulation 4(5); and (c) pharmacies, shall be authorised to operate.”

The police officers immediately shut down the supermarket and made the arrest. They were later charged by Acting Corporal Wendell Ramkissoon, of the North Eastern Division Task Force. The two are scheduled to  appear virtually before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate on Friday.


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