Child Fatally Shot in Grande

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A SIX-year-old girl has died after being shot in Sangre Grande.

Reports are that around 2 am on Sunday, Kylie Maloney was at the home of a relative at Blake Avenue in Sangre Grande, when the sound of dogs barking awoke family members.

One man viewed footage from a camera system.

Three men dressed in camouflage clothing all armed with objects resembling firearms entering the northern side of the yard were seen via the footage.

After shouts for the family to open the door, several explosions were heard.

The family sought to hide but four members received gunshot wounds, including the child.

The injured persons were rushed to the Sangre Grande Hospital where little Kylie died at around 3. 15 am. 

A team of officers led by Snr Sup Khan and Insp Ramlakhan visited the scene. Over 63 rounds of assorted ammunition, including 5.56mm shells and 12 gauge cartridges were retrieved.

PC Hardath is continuing enquiries.


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