Charged for Counterfeit $$

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FIVE persons are expected to appear virtually in court on Friday charged with being in possession of forged currency, after they were arrested by officers of the Eastern Division last week.

Issac Bovel, David Baird, Brandon Boodram, Brilliance Baird and Nacanda Beharry were jointly charged with Possession of Forged Currency Notes by PC Rajkumar of the Matura Police Station. Bovel faces an additional charge of Uttering of Forged Currency, while David Baird was also charged with Possession of Firearm and Possession of Ammunition by officers of the Eastern Division Gang and Intelligence Unit.

The accused were arrested in the Matura district on Thursday April, 18, 2024, following two separate reports from two business owners alleging they were paid with fraudulent $100 bills during business transactions.

Officers of the Matura Police Station subsequently arrested five suspects in a vehicle in the district. A search of the vehicle resulted in twenty forged $100 bills being discovered and seized.

The accused are expected to appear before a Master of the High Court today to answer to the charges.

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