Burke Released after Questioning

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PORT-OF-SPAIN – CEDRIC “Burkie” Burke has been released by police after he was taken in for questioning on Monday.

The well-known businessman and community leader of Sea Lots was held and interrogated about the pirate attack on the waters near Carli Bay on July 22 which led to the deaths of five men while another two remain missing.

He was arrested by members of the Homicide Bureau and they also seized electronic devices belonging to him and his children.

Last week, 27-year-old Ka­reem Stanis­claus, of Sealots, appeared in court charged with murdering fishermen Hem­raj Sook­nanan,18, Bran­don Kissoon, 21, Shi­va Ramdeo, 27, Anand Ram­per­sad,39, and Leslie De Boulet.

He is also facing a charge of at­tempt­ed mur­der of Bri­an Seemu­n­gal and Rob­bie Jag­ger­nauth.

Stanis­claus was al­so joint­ly charged with Shaquille Roberts, Mya Bowrin and Iy­ola John for robbery with violence. Bowrin and John were grant­ed $100,000 bail when they ap­peared in court last week, while Roberts was re­mand­ed in cus­tody pend­ing trac­ing of his crim­i­nal records.

Police said Burke was released after being interviewed on Tuesday.

Burke’s close associate Akani “Dole” Adams was shot by police at Sea Lots on July 25. A few days before he and Burke had been detained for questioning by police.

Investigators said Adams was a person of interest for the pirate attack on July 22 and in the murder of WPC Nyasha Joseph. He made headlines last year when he purchased a $700,000 Range Rover.




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