Borders to Open for More TT Nationals to Return Home

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MORE Trinidad and Tobago nationals who are abroad since the borders were closed due to Covid-19 will be allowed to return.

This was revealed by National Security Minister Stuart Young at a virtual news conference on Thursday.

He said there were about 22 or 23 TT nationals who were working in energy sector in Guyana and they will be allowed to come home.

Young said there were also nationals in Margarita and they too will be allowed in, but in all cases they must bear the cost of the flights.

He said he has received requests from nationals all over the world, including India and Saudia Arabia, for exemptions to return to the country.

Young said he would also grant an exemption for a 34-year-old woman with medical issues to return from the Bahamas.

He said, “Again the Government is not incurring the cost of these people returning.

“We are preparing for their return, at which stage when they arrive the Chief Medical Officer and the personnel from the Ministry of Health as to how they are handled after they are medically examined and assessed.”

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