Boat Sinks Near Heritage Platform

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See video of Liftboat Daniela sinking. Video via social media


By Prior Beharry

A SUPPLY boat to Heritage Petroleum has sunk in the Gulf of Paria after developing a leak on Wednesday morning.

The vessel called Liftboat Daniela was leaving Heritage Well S82 in the north acreage field when it developed a “list” (meaning it began to take in water and tilt to one side), a release from Trinity Group of Companies, which owns the vessel, stated.

Trinity confirmed that the incident occurred around 8 am on Wednesday.

The release stated that the captain evacuated the vessel and no injuries were recorded.

The company stated, “By 9 am our vessel Liftboat Daniela had capsized and now sits on the seafloor no longer posing a risk to any Heritage Petroleum platforms or installations.”

An investigation is underway, the release stated.


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