Bassarath Set to be Vice President of CWI

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THE Cricket West Indies (CWI) is set to get a new vice-president as Azim Bassarath has been nominated for the position.

Bassarath, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB), will officially take up his duties from March 25.

At a recent news conference, it was announced by CWI director Arjoon Ramlal that Bassarath was the only nominee for the post when nominations closed last month.

As the “CWI vice-president elect”, TTCB second vice-president Kerwin John will now take the place of Bassarath as the new  TTCB director on the CWI Board.

In the election for the CWI presidency, current vice-president Dr Kishore Shallow along with head of the Jamaica Cricket Association Wilford “Billy” Heaven will be contesting the position.

After serving two terms, CWI president Ricky Skerritt will not be contesting the election.

The upcoming elections are scheduled to take place in Antigua, at the CWI’s annual general meeting on March 25.


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