AR-15 Rifle Seized

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ONE man was arrested for possession of a high-powered rifle, while two others were held for possession of ammunition and marijuana. 

The suspects were held during ongoing anti-crime exercises across the country this week, police reported.

In the first exercise, officers of the Port of Spain Task Force, Area West, acting on intelligence received, proceeded to Upper Belmont Valley Road, Belmont around 5.30 pm on Monday .  

There they arrested one man who was found with an AR-15 rifle in his possession, loaded with a magazine containing 25 rounds of 5.56 ammunition. 

In the Central Division, Area North, officers conducted an exercise between 4 pm and 8 pm, on Tuesday, during which they proceeded to the Enterprise district and  several areas known for the sale of narcotics were targeted.

During the searches, the officers arrested one 30-year-old Enterprise man for possession of a quantity of marijuana.  

Also on Tuesday in the Southern Division, Task Force officers conducted an exercise around 10.50 am, during which they proceeded to the Marabella district. There, they arrested a 22-year-old San Fernando man who was found with four rounds of ammunition in his possession.  

Investigations are ongoing into all of the above matters.

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