After Flooding: Health Ministry HQ Reopens

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Caption: A screengrab from a viral video circulating on social media that showed a water leaking at the Ministry of Health headquarters in Port of Spain

By Chantalé Fletcher

AFTER  two days of clean up operations, the Ministry of Health headquarters at Queen’s Park East, Port of Spain will  resume operation on Friday.

On Thursday evening, the Ministry of Health confirmed that all repairs to the ruptured pipeline have been completed and normal operations will resume.

The building was forced shut and workers evacuated  as pipelines flooded the several floors of the new administrative building on Tuesday. While repairs and clean up operations proceeded at once, the facility was still not ready for operations as inspection of the building had to be completed to ensure its safety for everyone.

The MoH Administrative building was recently  opened on August 7, 2023  at a cost of  $280 million.

Its amenities included an office space to accommodate over 800 persons, over 32 conference and meeting rooms, a digital library for computer access to digital records, daycare and breastfeeding room and two fully outfitted gyms.


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