A Bright Ideas Christmas

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THIS December, a newly opened store popular for its lighting, home décor and household items, hopes to brighten the city of San Fernando with its shopping experience. 

Bright Ideas, a part of the Persad’s Group of Companies that consists of the Persad’s D Food King supermarket chain, has just opened one of its largest establishments in La Romaine. 


Opened more than a week ago in time for Christmas, the store offers a wide variety of Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, snacks, appliances, electronics and other household items. 

Christmas trees. AZP News/Sue-Ann Wayow

This year’s theme for Bright Ideas is “Experience the magic that’s Christmas.” 

Bright Ideas Director Damion Persad told AZP News that they could not rob customers of the opportunity to have that magical in-store experience this year. 


Branch manager, Deewhan Harriram said the staff really worked as a family, putting in the extra effort and longer hours to have the branch open to the public. 

He told AZP News, “The Persad’s family is one family. It is a family and they strive to bring this happiness to customers.” 

Part of the decor. AZP News/Sue-Ann Wayow

Harriram added, “That is the goal, the dream, to bring Christmas and happiness throughout Trinidad and Tobago. It’s about assisting and helping people make their homes, a dream place for everybody else.” 


The La Romaine Bright Ideas branch is the second to be opened last month with another branch opening in the east at Southern Main Rd, Curepe. 

The first out of seven Bright Ideas stores was opened in Princes Town. 

Admitting that stepping out into the city was a risk, Harriram said their prices were competitive and they like friendly competition. 

“We work well with others, we are competitive. We don’t make enemies, we work with them they work with us, one happy family, we are looking for friendly competition,” he said. 

The La Romaine location is a short distance away from Gulf City mall where there is also a Bright Ideas branch. 

Harriram said management and staff were pleased with the response from customers thus far and the support was tremendous. 

“I would say we made an impact on the area itself, based on the location and how we did it. First impression lasts a long time. I would say with the impression that we gave to the customers in this area thus far, we are looking for a lot of support in this area.” 


He said customers love the staff, prices, products and adequate parking was also provided. 

That particular branch is open from 8 am until 9 pm for December, to allow for flexible shopping hours, Harriram said and year-end sales are on the agenda.  

Next year, a supermarket will be opened on the current ground floor level and there will be a step-up level leading to Bright Ideas. 

The other Bright Ideas locations are at Marabella, Rio Claro and Point Fortin. 


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