52 of 58 Covid-19 ICU Beds Filled…

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THERE are now 58 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds available for Covid-19 patients and up until Monday, 52 of those beds were filled.

Technical Director  for the Epidemiology Division in the Ministry of Health Dr Avery Hinds said of the 52 patients, 50 were not fully vaccinated which represented 96%.


He was speaking during the ministry’s virtual media conference on Monday.

Dr Hinds said, “There have been an increase in beds in the ICU segment of the parallel healthcare system. Four additional beds have been activated so we now have 58 available of which 52 are filled.”

He reminded that a bed was not just a bed and all other resources were needed to activate use of an ICU bed.

The Ministry of Health was making the most of its available resources to increase ICU capacity, Dr Hinds said.

Hudson, Awninings

He again encouraged vaccination against Covid-19.

Referring to the United States implemented policy that only vaccinated foreigners can now enter the country, Dr Hinds said while it may be an  incentive for the Trinidad and Tobago population, it should not be a main factor.


He said the ministry will be happy with any increase in vaccination regardless of what encouraging factors there were.

“It would be hoped however, that what would drive our increase in vaccination, would be a better understanding of the benefits of being vaccinated,” Dr Hinds added.


Chairman of the Cancer Society of Trinidad and Tobago Dr Asante Le Blanc also encouraged vaccination especially amongst those with cancer.

She said it was one of those comorbidities that greatly weakens the immune system if Covid-19 was contracted.


Dr Le Blanc said while some cancer patients may be hesitant because they have pre-existing medical conditions, the Covid-19 vaccine was their best chance of survival and protection against the virus.

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