42 Flood Incidents on Tuesday

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

FOR Tuesday alone, 42 floods were reported across Trinidad, the majority reported in the east. 

Additionally, there were six reports of fallen trees and six reports of landslides based on information provided by the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Development. 


The Mayaro Rio Claro Regional Corporation reported the most number of flooding with 18 incidents reported. 

The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation followed after with 15. 

Three of the fallen trees  occurred in that district. 

There were also two reports of roof damage and one report of an affected structure. 

The ministry reported that sandbags, tarpaulins, mattresses and cleaning agents were distributed to the affected areas. 


Watch out for potholes in bad weather 

As the yellow level weather alert continues into Wednesday, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is advising the public to remain alert and safe to reduce the risk of harm and injury. 

The TTPS issued tips for motorists being on the road. 

These include:   

  • Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy.  

  • Check your tyre threads and ensure your windscreen wipers are functioning properly.  

  • Reduce driving speeds on wet roadways.  

  • Be wary of potholes in the roadway which can result in tyre damage.  

  • Remain alert for pedestrians, especially children, who may be running for shelter without paying attention to road traffic.  

  • Proceed slowly through flooded areas when pedestrians are present to avoid inadvertently drenching them.  

  • Cyclists should exercise extra caution when moving through traffic.  

  • Avoid driving in flood prone areas. Be prepared and plan an alternate route if your path is flooded or blocked.  

The TTPS stated that high visibility patrols will be deployed during the period to assist members of the public.  

All citizens are also being urged to stay updated on the prevailing weather conditions with official information from the Trinidad and Tobago  Meteorological Service (Met Office) and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM).  

In case of an emergency, persons can call the 999 Emergency Hotline for immediate assistance. 


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