4 Arrested for Illegal Quarrying

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FOUR men were arrested and excavation equipment seized in Sangre Grande for illegal quarrying.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) on Monday reported that the arrests were made after the Multi-Agency Task Force (MATF) acted on reports from the Forestry Division, relative to illegal quarrying. 

The MATF commenced Investigation Plan-Vauxhall, as an intelligence-based thrust to interdict illegal actors and conducted extensive surveillance of Five Acres, Vega De Oropouche, the TTPS stated. 


MATF obtained information and intelligence, which highlighted different illegal operators conducting unlicensed and unauthorized mining, digging and processing activities in the area, which is designated as part of a Forest Reserve.  

The MATF planned and executed Operation Vauxhall, in conjunction with the operators of the Multi-Option Police Section (MOPS) and with additional support from the National Operations Task Force (NOTF) and the TTPS Air Support Unit (ASU).



During the early hours of Saturday, a joint team of investigators entered the Five Acres Forest Reserve, where they observed persons operating excavators to dig material, load trucks and move dirt type material at various points at the site.  

An interdiction process was executed by members of the MATF, supported by the NOTF and ASU personnel, which led to the arrest of four persons.  

The investigators also seized one CAT 336 Excavator, one CAT 320 Excavator, one suction pump and two lengths of two-inch diameter hose.  


They also seized a quantity of documents related to the quarrying activity.  

The arrested men were conveyed to the Sangre Grande Police Station pending further enquiries.  

The operation was coordinated by Commissioner of Police, Erla Christopher and DCP (Ag) Curt Simon and directly supervised by ASP Haynes. 


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