3 Held with Homemade Shotguns, Minister Calls on Public to be Vigilant on Illegal Hunting

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IN a recent joint operation led by officers of the Game Wardens Unit and the Estate Management and Business Development Company (EMBD), three individuals were held with homemade shotguns.

There are expected to be charged under the Firearms Act, according to a release by the Ministry of Agriculture Land and Fisheries on Monday.


The operation on Sunday, spanned TPD Road, Navet, Charuma, Tabaquite and the Central Range Game Sanctuary, with the primary goal of enforcing wildlife conservation regulations and combating the pervasive threat of illegal hunting.

During the operation, officers encountered a parked vehicle adjacent to a hunting camp in the Charuma area. Upon hearing gunshots, the team intensified surveillance efforts, leading to the apprehension of three individuals approaching the hunting camp, each armed with firearms.

Subsequent search and apprehension operations uncovered three homemade shotguns and a significant quantity of 12-gauge ammunition in their possession. None of the individuals held a valid Firearm User’s License or were exempted under the Firearms Act, leading to their prompt detention and processing at the Rio Claro Police Station.

Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Kazim Hosein emphasised the critical importance of adhering to legislation aimed at protecting natural resources.


He said, “The seizure of these illegal firearms serves as a stark reminder of the government’s unwavering dedication to preserving the environment and ensuring public safety. We remain steadfast in our commitment to taking decisive action against those who flout our laws and endanger the integrity of our ecosystems.”

Conservator of Forests Denny Dipchansingh and Game Warden II Richard Ramlogan led a joint patrol to monitor and deter illegal hunting activities.

Hosein urged members of the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to illegal hunting or firearm possession to the appropriate authorities.


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