3 Arrested, AK47, Bullets Seized

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A series of coordinated police exercises across various divisions resulted in the arrest of three suspects, the seizure of firearms, ammunition, illegal substances, and the recovery of a stolen vehicle on Saturday.

Officers of the Western Division Task Force acted on intelligence and searched a site at Hill Crest Drive, Panta Village, Diego Martin from 1 pm to 7 pm. A concealed black garbage bag was located under tree branches, containing an AK47 assault rifle with a magazine and 15 rounds of 7.62 ammunition.

These findings were secured, and the area was processed by the Western Division Crime Scene Unit. PC Clement is reportedly carrying on with the investigation.


In a simultaneous operation, the North Eastern Division Task Force embarked on an anti-crime exercise in several areas known for drug activity. Searches conducted near an empty security van off Sunshine Avenue, San Juan, led to the discovery of a Smith and Wesson Revolver with two rounds of ammunition by PC Yearwood.

Later in the North Eastern Division, a combined effort from officers of the San Juan Police Station, Barataria Police Station, and Barataria Patrol Unit led to the recovery of a black Honda Vezel. The vehicle, reported stolen from the Northern Division, was found in Maraj Trace, following a tip to the E-999 Command Centre.


In Tobago, officers PC Robley, PC Caruth, and PC Kerr, while patrolling Windward Road near Goodwood Secondary School, stopped a white Nissan N16 Sunny. A thorough search revealed a package of marijuana weighing 540 grammes in the vehicle. The three male occupants, aged 20, 21, and 45, were arrested on charges of Possession of Cannabis for the Purpose of Trafficking.

The police force remains diligent as inquiries into these incidents are ongoing, signaling a continued crackdown on illegal activities to ensure public safety and order.



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