Air Guard to Get 2 Aircraft from US

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THE GOVERNMENT is pursuing the acquisition of two new aircraft for the Air Guard to enhance border security.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Monday during a press conference.

He said the aircraft will be acquired through discussions with the US.

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Dr Rowley said, “I am pleased to announce that the discussions are bearing fruit and we are in the process of receiving from the United States, two new specialist aircraft to replace the ones we have here.”

He added, “They don’t only serve Trinidad and Tobago but the Caribbean, because if there is a loss in Grenada or St Vincent at sea, there is an emergency, it is Trinidad and Tobago’s assets that are immediately called into play as a first responder, not to mention our own borders patrolling it from constant attempt by South Americans to penetrate our borders.”

The prime minister said that more will be revealed about the acquisition at a later date.


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