10 Murders in 48 Hours

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TEN people were murdered within 48 hours in Trinidad and Tobago.

These include the murder of police sergeant Larry Phillip who was among five fatally shot at Harpe Place in Port of Spain on Saturday morning. Phillip was a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) band.


The other victims were Rudolph James, Rangy Greaves, 32, Peter Noray, 49, and Devon Jack, 42.

Police said at least three other people were injured after gunmen opened fire just after 10.30 am on Saturday.

Other murders included:

  • A man shot at the Chaguanas Market also on Saturday;
  • On Friday night Anil Maharaj, 50, was killed while  walking near his home in D’Abadie;
  •  Paul Kirk, 33, was fatally shot dead at Sum Sum Hill, Claxton Bay;
  • Kester McAllister, an outpatient of the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital, was shot dead in Morvant; and
  • On Thursday morning, Indar Boris, 43, was found on a riverbank near his home at KP Lands, Valencia with bullet wounds about his body.

The murder toll was now 119 for 2024, compared to 121 for the same time last year.



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