10 Children Homes Still to be Licensed

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

AS at May 15, 2023, ten children’s homes have still not yet been licensed by the government.

Varying reasons include written approvals from the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services and Public Health, certificates of character, staff medicals, food badges and re-inspection of ongoing works at buildings.

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These were revealed by Leader of Government Business in the Lower House Camille Robinson-Regis who answered questions asked by the Opposition and directed to Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Gender and Child Affairs Ayanna Webster-Roy.

Member of Parliament for Princes Town Barry Padarath asked if the July 1, 2023 deadline date for all homes to be licensed would be kept given that some still needed to have the necessary requirements to which Robinson-Regis responded that it would be.

He further asked what will become of the children in homes who have not yet met the requirements by the July 1 deadline but the question was not allowed by House Speaker Brigid Annisette-George.


According to the Children’s Authority’s website, all Community Residences, existing and new, must apply for a Residence Licence from the Children’s Authority. The application process is standard for all Community Residences. A critical part of the licensing process is the inspection of the Community Residence by the Authority, to assess suitability to deliver childcare services. If a Residence Licence is issued, the Authority will continue to monitor the residence’s ability to operate and manage through regular monitoring visits.


In April, Webster-Roy announced that the children’s homes that failed to meet the state’s March 31 deadline were given a three-month extension to get licensed.

The ten homes still yet to be licensed are: St. Jude’s School for Girls, the Lady Hochoy Home, Jairah and Raffa House, Marian House, Mary Care Centre South, St. Mary’s Children’s Home, Casa de Corazon, the Cyril Ross Nursery, the transitional home for migrant girls and Operation Smile Home for Children.


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