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How to Bring a Case to Court

  By Ravi Nanga IN the unfortunate event it becomes necessary to commence an action in court in order to seek a remedy, there are a number of steps that are required to be complied with before one can obtain a judgment. While it is not absolutely necessary that you seek the advice of a […]Read More

Paying your Mortgage in a Pandemic

    By Ravi Nanga IN the past we looked briefly at the law as it applies to tenancies and mortgages. At the end of the day, tenancies and mortgages are simply contracts that describe the particular relationship between the landlord and the tenant and the mortgagee and the mortgagor. While it is possible to […]Read More

How to Get a Divorce

  By Ravi Nanga THIS article will examine an unfortunate but a very real topic – divorce. In the event a couple gets married and they realise that the marriage is not working out, rather than stay married, it is possible that the marriage can be brought to an end by means of a divorce. […]Read More

How the Nomination Process for General Election Works

  By Ravi Nanga IN last week’s article we examined the first of two issues that arose in the course of the 2020 General Elections, namely the law as it pertains to a recount. The second issue is the nomination of a candidate in an electoral district. The law as it relates to elections is […]Read More

Of Probates, Wills, Letters of Administration

  By Ravi Nanga LAST week we examined wills. This week we will look at the process involved in distributing the estate of a deceased person. Whether the person left a will or not, upon death it will be necessary to deal with the property that has been left behind. Upon the death of a […]Read More

How to Make a Will

    By Ravi Nanga THIS article will examine wills. It is important when people are planning their affairs, they make provision for their property when they pass away, so as to avoid conflict. This is particularly important where you have a large family in order to prevent claims from being made against a person’s […]Read More

All About Mortgages

  By Ravi Nanga   IN the past we examined the procedure with respect to the purchase of a property. Given the value of property today, it is not uncommon for persons to seek financing in order to acquire property. The most common form of financing is to seek a mortgage from a financial institution. […]Read More

What is Workmen’s Compensation

  By Ravi Nanga THIS week we shall examine the issue of workmen’s compensation. In the event an employee is injured on the job, and the injury was not the employee’s fault, it may be possible for the employee to seek compensation in respect of any injury suffered. In the event the employer was negligent, […]Read More

How to Purchase Land

    By Ravi Nanga THE purchase of a property is usually one of the most important and expensive investments most persons will undertake. In order to ensure that the process goes smoothly and your investment is protected it is important to understand the basics of such a transaction. Again, the majority of persons will […]Read More

All About Car Insurance

    By Ravi Nanga ONCE you are the owner of a motor vehicle and you intend to use that vehicle on the public roads, you are required by law to have a policy of insurance in place in respect of that vehicle. Such a policy of insurance must be issued by a licensed insurance […]Read More