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Commentary: The Things Fear Makes Us Do

  FEAR makes people do dumb things. For example, I have a paralyzing phobia of birds, especially medium to large ones. One day a rogue parrot flew into my house, screeching and generally creating an uncomfortable atmosphere of fear and chaos. So what did home girl do? Scaredy-cat tucked and rolled her butt into the […]Read More

Commentary: Imperfect Budget Shows Seeds of Progress

  YOU must first cross the desert before you get to the oasis. Unfortunately for last 50-plus years, we have been lost in the desert. Our leaders were never too sure where they were going. Despite all the warning signs they held on to the hope that our limited supply of oil and gas will […]Read More

Commentary: I Want Value for Paying My Taxes

IF Trevor Sayers was a truly smart businessman he would begin peddling one of his bush magic anti-anxiety concoctions at the start of August. Why you might ask? Budget time folks! Every year we are subject to a minimum of two months of bleak financial forecasts, more taxes, reduced subsidies and the persistent fear that […]Read More

Bayside/Cocorite: Same Area Different Laws

I would like to thank Samantha Ramischand aka samimami303 aka Private Beach Karen for ushering in a new wave of hilarious memes and videos. Her shameless “private beach” flex and vapid boo hoo for you attitude has inspired a series of spoof videos, that I swear will have you doubled over in laughter. Normally, I […]Read More

Commentary: Cuckoo Covid Conspiracies

LOOK around folks! Our Government is stripping us of our freedoms! Making it law to wear a mask in public is the first step in forcing us into a system of complete Governmental control! Our movements have already been limited and now we are being made to cover our faces, cover our mouths, stifle our […]Read More

An Emotional Journey into Online Schooling

    STRAIGHT up, homeschooling/online learning brings out the worst in me. I am actually surprised I wasn’t visited by the Children’s Authority last term. One hundred percent, my daughter’s teacher heard me using threatening language through clenched teeth in vain efforts to have her pay attention. Yes, I am aware this type of behavior […]Read More

Commentary: My Slow Slide into Covid Insanity

  I write as a woman unhinged. Not as unhinged as a parent of a SEA student, but unhinged none the less. My slide into insanity has been a slow, foreboding one that has only been exasperated by the realisation that society around me has gone blind to the somewhat maddening tides that surround us. […]Read More

Commentary: Crying Over Spilt Peanut Punch

    THERE is no need to cry over spilt milk, unless that milk is peanut punch and racist. Personally, I’m really disappointed in us, Trinidad and Tobago. It seems that we have forgotten what makes TT truly amazing – a thick melting pot of culture, colours and religions that through time have created a […]Read More

Commentary: Politicians are not Gods, But are Like Mangoes

  We want justice! Corruption must end! Unless the alleged corrupt person is from the party I support. Because, you see, while he might a steal a few a million or so, he is my tanties MP, he paved a road and kiss meh baby, so he aint that bad! It’s the other party that […]Read More

Commentary: My Fictional Interview with a Tobago Political Leader

THIS week I decided to turn my attention to whom some may call a wild card in the politics of Trinidad and Tobago… Walter Drake, trade unionist, leader of a Tobago political party and a candidate in the upcoming general elections. Fun fact, Drake and I have somewhat of a complicated past. Back in my […]Read More