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Reports of Poisoning: Don’t Buy Ginger Less than 4 Inches

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DUE to the possible risk of poisoning, the public in Trinidad and Tobago is being advised not to purchase ginger less than four inches in length.

Only buy ginger root, according to a release from the Ministry of Health on Sunday evening.

The ministry stated in that there were reports that some ginger were contaminated with Methomyl, popularly known as Lannate.

The release stated:

“The Ministry of Health advises the public of reports received concerning the sale, in local markets, of fresh ginger, which has been contaminated with the pesticide Methomyl.  Investigations are currently being conducted in this regard.

“The alleged contaminated ginger was derived from approximately 200lbs of planting material (pieces of ginger sized approximately 2-3inches) that were reportedly stolen from a farmer.

“Methomyl (Lannate) is extremely toxic if ingested and moderately toxic if inhaled. It can cause nausea, dizziness, confusion, and at very high exposures (e.g., accidents or major spills), respiratory paralysis and death.

“Due to the possible risk to public health and for consumer protection, the Ministry of Health is advising, out of an abundance of caution, that the public should only purchase whole ginger root.

“Do not purchase pieces of ginger less than four inches in length. The public is also advised to discard all ginger pieces, less than four inches in length, which were purchased the period May 7  to May 10, 2020.”


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