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PM: TT Not a Failed State

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PRIME Minster Dr Keith Rowley is saying that Trinidad and Tobago is not a failed state.

He made the comment on i95.5 FM radio on Sunday in response to a Sunday Guardian front-page editorial that stated that Trinidad and Tobago was a hair’s breadth from being a failed state with parts of the country resembling “narco-states where drug cartels, not the government, call the shots.”

The editorial also listed a number of events including the arrest of former public administration minister Marlene McDonald, the killing of seven fishermen in a pirate attack off Carli Bay, the murder of reputed gangster Vaughn “Sandman” Mieres, the charging of former attorney general Anand Ramlogan as well as the daily videos and photos on social media depicting crime.

In response to this, Rowley admitted to a number of challenges.

He said, “There are problems with crime in TT that is a major challenge for the government and the people and we will face it.

“We will never concede that we are a failed state because we have not been able to deal with our circumstances.”

Questioned about whether the crime rate rises under a PNM government, Rowley responded, “If it was the PNM that caused crime in the country, then the PNM is in the US and other countries that have a crime problem.”

Rowley alluded to the fact that it was the PNM that appointed a permanent police commissioner and not the former UNC regime.

He said, “I am sure if you were observing, in policing our country, an invigorated police service that is more effective when dealing with criminal activity. It is something we are working towards. We are doing that and working from strength to strength.”



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