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Patriotic Front Pulls Out Election Race

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THE Patriotic Front has pulled out of the August 10 general elections saying it does not have enough time to share its vision with the population.

In June, the party’s founder Mickela Panday announced that it would be contesting all 41 seats in the upcoming polls.

Mickela Panday

However, Panday posted a video on social media on Tuesday in which she said, “Our plans to bring this vision to fruition and to give all our candidates a fair chance in the 2020 general elections, we do not believe that this can be done in three weeks. It will not only be an injustice to our young and bright new candidates but to the country as a whole.”
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She added, “We face the uphill battle of securing campaign financing in an accountable and transparent manner which is necessary to put in place the requisite election machinery.”

She stated, “While we were given a variety of other options and approached by other parties and politicians, we believe that we needed to stay true to the principles and foundations upon which our party was built.”
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Panday said, “It is for this reason that the Patriotic Front has made the difficult decision not to contest the 2020 general elections but to build our party into a socio-political force to be reckoned with.”

She continued, “Today, we call upon all patriots to join us in every constituency as we forge forward.”

“I want to reassure you that we haven’t given up, our journey continues. We look forward to your continued support, to hearing from you and working with you,” she said.



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