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Online Delivery Service Launches in Barbados to Help Fight Covid-19

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Sophia Bannister

BRIDGETOWN– A new online service in Barbados to help with the purchase of groceries and pharmaceuticals has been launched.

It is all part of the call for social distancing in a bid to stop the spread of the Covid-19.

The new service is called WiFetch and is founded by E-Commerce entrepreneurs and attorneys Lily Dash and Sophie Bannister.

A release on Monday stated, “Operationally, WiFetch will take orders and schedule drop offs through its online platform and via its WhatsApp messaging hotline. WiFetch will process orders and send a bill for your order payable online.

“Amid the Covid-19 outbreak we are venturing into uncertain times. Social distancing and isolation will have a huge impact on many industries. Food and pharmaceutical being among the most pressing. In turn, the consumers’ ability to access these services is impacted,” Bannister explained.

She added, “In launching this service, we are especially thinking of our most vulnerable  – our senior citizens. Our medical professionals cannot urge enough the importance of minimizing exposure to risk by staying home and self isolating yet up to now there have been little to no solutions. Hence the need for a tech centric island wide delivery service that is up to the task and prepared to follow all prescribed protocols for hygiene at this time.”

Lily Dash


Dash said, “Online services like these are critical for the digital transformation of the island. Barbados has been a pioneer in the mobile financial technology space with Bitt’s user friendly mMoney payment solution blazing the way and banks like Scotia Bank launched very easy to use mobile apps .This is an opportunity for us as a nation to shift to a more efficient and productive way of life.”

WiFetch will provide essential and non-essential delivery and personal services island wide. It is a one-stop-shop service to cater to all consumer and business purchase needs with the ethos of – whatever you need, WiFetch, WiDeliver, the release stated.

The service encompasses grocery and pharmaceutical deliveries. WiFetch can also facilitate bill payments, post and assist with the management of payroll.

Dash said that WiFetch’s inaugural partners include A- One Supermarkets and Lewis Drug Mart.  Deliveries are performed by a fleet made up of a combination of refrigerated rated trucks and Mega Power’s Electric panel vans -providing the most sustainable transportation solution.

Wifetch operational delivery system :

  • Orders and instructions  would be taken via phone or electronically.
  • Wifetch works in a sorting bay for the bulk buys.
  • Items are then placed on a plastic sheet and individually sanitised with all-natural, white vinegar.
  • Our team of handlers are dressed in protective gear including hair nets, long sleeved overalls, masks and gloves. The entire operation is monitored by our Health and Safety Manager – from the point of shopping through to processing and packaging.
  • The items are packaged in sealed boxes and delivered. Boxes are sanitised.
  • We encourage online payments – but would accept cash or cheques placed within clear packaging.
  • Items would be delivered to you in such a way as to minimise or avoid human interaction.

WiFetch is offering membership and pay per delivery rates. Membership will be $100 per month and include up to four deliveries. Individual deliveries start at $30 per delivery.


Tel: 246 262-5075


Instagram @wifetch



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