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Minister of Works: Road Users are Still Responsible

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President of Arrive Alive Sharon Inglefield with members of the Fire Service. Photo Credit: Facebook/Arrive Alive


PORT-OF-SPAIN – MINISTER of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan says citizens must still be responsible road users as Government puts in infrastructure to improve the road network.

He was speaking on Saturday at the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain hosted by Arrive Alive. It was the seventh edition of the event with the theme being Life is Not a Car Part.


Sinanan said, “Building all these walkovers and then you still have videos circulating of parents and children running under the walkover defeats the whole purpose.

“We all have personal responsibilities, infrastructure can’t solve the problem, we all have personal responsibilities and if the Government does not do its part and we the citizens don’t do our part we will never be able to achieve that zero that we are gearing for.”

Sinanan said in the last four years the number of road fatalities have decreased.

Last year there were 112 road fatalities, he said.


The Works Minister said, “We are in charge of the roads of TT and that does not necessarily mean just building roads and building an overpass. It is about building them safely for the users and we want to commit to continue to do that.”

Sinanan said, “As the Minister of Works and Transport I want to beg all the citizens let us be responsible. Not only for ourselves as the drivers, but the persons in the vehicle and the people on the side of the road.”

President of Arrive Alive Sharon Inglefield said, “When lives are at stake Arrive Alive will not compromise.

Remembering those who died in road traffic accidents. Photo Credit: Facebook/Arrive Alive

“We will not accept mediocrity. In TT this year 105 lives were lost and many, many injuries. We can’t even track the injuries. This is not acceptable.

“The only acceptable figure is zero.”

The event also included a ride and a run around the Queen’s Park Savannah. Among those who attended the event were Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith and former national cyclist Michael Phillips.

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