Government Pulls Plug on Private Security Patrols

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LESS than 24 hours after announcing plans to hire four private security firms to do residential patrols, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has cancelled the arrangement.

News of the cancellation was made by National Security Minister Stuart Young at a virtual news conference on Wednesday.

Young said it would have cost $87,000 per patrol which was less than a similar arrangement in 2014 by the previous UNC regime.

This comes after overwhelming criticism of the plan by some citizens who felt that the TT Defence Force could have been utilised for this purpose with no additional cost to taxpayers.

The plan to hire the private firms was announced via press release on Tuesday.

The release identified four companies to conduct mobile patrols in communities throughout the country from Monday until May 5:

Allied Security Ltd

Amalgamated Security Services Ltd

Innovative Security Technologies Limited and

Protective Agencies Limited

Young said, “It has become apparent in last 12 to 24 hours that the population of Trinidad and Tobago believe they currently feel safe enough and there no need to add any additional layer of security to what our Defence Force and police service are doing.

“It is clear that many people already feel secure and believe there is no need for this extra proactive measure that was designed and being implemented to give extra comfort to the population of Trinidad and Tobago.

“We have heard from the population and are very happy to hear that the population feel secure without the need for any additional measure that was not even going to cost a fraction of what other measures are costing.”

Young said the cancellation of the residential patrols was done after consultation with Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

The National Security Minister said, “I will be approaching the four security companies, thanking them for stepping forward in a short space of time.

“The first meeting took place last Thursday and they were ready to commence on Monday. They would have moved heaven and earth to be able to provide that additional layer of comfort.”




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