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CXC: No Glitches in the System

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

ALL queries concerning the recent examination results issued by the Caribbean Examinations Council should be made directly and immediately to CXC especially if the pupil would have gotten an unusual grade that is not part of CXC’s system.

On Friday, CXC hosted a virtual media conference to discuss the issue of overwhelming queries submitted by several Ministries of Education from various Caribbean countries.
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And the Caribbean’s governing examination body stated that according to their investigations, there were no glitches in the system including technological and emphasised that grades received were preliminary results. Final results are expected to be sent out in the coming months.

CXC is responsible for six major certifications in the Caribbean including the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC).
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Speaking at the press conference were Nicole Manning, Director of Operations, Examination Services Division, Dr Wayne Wesley, Registrar and CEO of CXC and Dianne Medford, Manager – Examinations Administration and Security Division.

Dr Wayne Wesley

Wesley responded to most of the questions however some journalists were unsatisfied with his responses. Wesley said, “I can only respond to information, I can validate.”

He added that complaints received by CXC were submitted by the education ministries and the organisation will continue to work with them to resolve the matter.

“There is a process that we use to address concerns. We are very much sensitive to what is happening. We welcome the submissions. Our approach has always been one of listening. We will be talking to the ministries.”

Wesley said CXC had a vigorous quality assurance mechanism process with “A detailed check of every single subject.”

Stated grades issued by CXC can include Absent, Ungraded or a specific grade. Some pupils reported having same subject profiles but different grades, Ungraded, Inaccurate, or ‘G’. All such queries should be directed to CXC via its website, Wesley said.
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Concerning the School Based Assessment (SBAs), Wesley said that if a pupil received an ungraded mark (U), there was the possibility that either the SBA was not submitted or a subcomponent was not submitted.

And there was no change to the breakdown of syllabuses.

Wesley added that the overall performance showed an improvement in grades across the Caribbean with “Less persons receiving less than acceptable grades.”

“We are very much pleased with the fact that over the years, 93 per cent received acceptable grades for the first time,” he said.
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CXC’s website states, “If you have questions about an Absent or Ungraded result, you may submit a Query. If you have questions about your grade and would like to have a script re-examined you may submit a request for a Review. Queries are free and the cost per review is USD$30.
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“Please note that a review of your script may result in your overall Grade either increasing, decreasing or remaining the same. If your review results in an increase in your overall grade, you will be refunded the review fee. Queries and Reviews may be submitted through schools for in-school candidates or through the Ministry of Education for private candidates. Candidates should note that the deadline for submission of Queries and Review requests is Friday 23 October 2020.”

Wesley added that there was no cost attached to queries made by ministries of education.


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