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 Chris Garcia Composes Tribute to George Floyd

Chris Garcia Composes Tribute to George Floyd

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

SINGER Chris Garcia will be featured on this Friday’s In De Black episode with Errol Fabien on Gayelle The Caribbean.

Garcia is excited to perform live for the first time his newest and what he describes as his greatest creation as well as most emotionally charged song Just Maybe.

The song that sounds like something out of the movie Phantom of the Opera was written three days after George Floyd died in the United States under the hands of a white police officer and his death triggered numerous protests against racism globally.

Garcia told, “Three days after George Floyd died, I got up and went to my guitar and I thought about his murder and I started crying profusely. Then for the month that followed, I danced with pen, paper and guitar, a sad dance which should not have happened and this song was born.”

It would be the longest time he ever took to write a song.

Garcia who sang the song on Thursday in preparation for Friday said he was able to make it through the song without crying.

He said he did not want to use an unfortunate situation to elevate himself but wanted to use his talents and gifts to speak up in the face of negativity.

“It is a heavy statement towards racism globally. We have a global pandemic of racism. We need to love and respect each other. It is the only way we will be able to build a country. We are together in everything we do. We should never try to create division in any way.”

The song was first played on internet radio in England and was already become popular in the US, the song’s epicentre Garcia said.

It was launched on YouTube one week ago.


The last song Garcia wrote and produced before Just Maybe was The Soil Will Dance a tribute to farmers and the agricultural sector in the western hemisphere.

Garcia added that the In De Black series was an excellent initiative.

The In De Black Series launched recently was the brainchild of Fabien who wanted to give artistes an avenue to continue reaching audiences while making extra money in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fabien had said that creative artistes suffered immensely economically because their lives depended on shows and crowds all of which have been clamped down as a result of the virus.

Garcia said, “I think it is very good initiative that will be able to assist artists. Because of the global pandemic, this is global virtual way we need to go. There is some good news, this too shall pass like the Spanish Flu.”

The show begins at 9 pm and runs till 12 midnight. It is featured on Gayelle The Caribbean and could also be viewed on social media.



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