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250 TT Nationals in Cruise Ships want to Come Home

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250 TT Nationals on Cruise Ships Want to Come Home

NATIONAL Security Minister Stuart Young says there are 250 Trinidad and Tobago nationals in cruise ships across the region who want to come home.

He was speaking at the virtual news conference on Wednesday morning.

But Young said the TT Government was not trying to open its borders anytime soon in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

He said, “Understand how quickly that will feed into our environment.”

Young said, “From what we’ve been told, each and every one of them are in their own rooms and being fed properly and having entertainment.

“We understand, because even people here who have stay at home measures, the difficulty you face; you begin to get literal cabin fever.”

He said this weighed on him but “it is a necessary measure that we must continue to take at this stage.”


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