Young: We Looking After TT Nationals in Barbados, Suriname

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NATIONAL Security Minister Stuart Young says he is treating with the Trinidad and Tobago nationals in Suriname with priority.

He said he has been in touched with the Minister of Justice and the Minister of National Security in Suriname in an effort to have TT nationals there medically examined and tested for Covid-19.

He said Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moses was also in touch with his counterpart in Suriname.

Young said Suriname was like many other countries battling with their own Covid-19 issues and said that the safest place for people to be during the pandemic was where they are now.

Regarding the TT nationals in Barbados, Young said he will send a diplomatic note to the Barbados Government to have the TT nationals there tested for Covid-19.

He said they have completed their 14-day quarantine and the worse thing that could happen was for them to engage with people who have the coronavirus.

Young said he was surprised about a report of four TT nationals in and advised them to contact the TT embassy in Caracas for assistance.



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