5 Year Old Drowns

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A FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy has drowned while bathing in a pool at a water park.

What was supposed to be a fun event on Sunday, turned out to be a tragedy as Damari Jeffrey of La Brea was found by his mother lying motionless in the pool that measures varying depths.


Reports are that around 4.20 pm, about 20 minutes after their arrival at Fun Splash Water Park along the M2 Ring Road in Debe on Sunday, Jeffrey’s little body was discovered. 

Jeffrey of La Brea went to the water park with his mother and other family members to join in a birthday party celebrations.

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Paremedics attempted to resuscitate him but their efforts were futile.

Jeffrey was taken to San Fernando General Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 6.16 pm.


Police are continuing further investigations.


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