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 Wonder Goal  Group of Death Starts

Wonder Goal

Group of Death Starts
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By Gerald Lutchman

WHAT a strike. It was sensational. This is what as football fans we live for – the magic and did we get it today from the Czechs. Great games and great skills, except for Sweden of course- how can you miss that goal.

Czech Republic vs Scotland   14/06/21 Score 2-0   Hampden Park

Wow! Wow! Wow!   What a goal by Schick. I though it must be a FIFA game I am playing. That just did not happen – but it did. Wow.  From just off the half line, he made the goal keeper scamper and looked like an amateur. That will have to be the goal of this tournament.  I can’t see a better one coming.

Scotland played well and it was good to see them return to European competition. I had predicted a 2-1 victory for the Czech Republic but they won 2-0. This was because Scotland just could not finish off the good plays.

Scotland had the better of the possession, 58% and 19 attempts at goal but it did not materialise into any goals.

They are a good team but they need to score. Goals win matches not possession.  Schick showed again in the 52nd just how to do it.

Poland vs Slovakia    14/06/21    Score 1-2   Krestovsky stadium

Well I got this wrong, I predicted an easy win for Poland but they just could not score and like Scotland paid a price. A possession of 58% and 17 shots at goal only resulted in a goal by Linetty in the 46th.

Slovakia on the other hand were able to strike twice in the 18th on an own goal by Szczesny and a good strike by Skriniar in the 69th. Again goals win matches and if you do not score you will lose. This was an exciting match with a lot of goal moth action and in the end mistakes can break you.

Shanic May 2021 edited latest to use

Spain vs Sweden 143/06/21   Score 0-0

Talk about a one-sided game without a goal and still Spain were lucky not to lose. The miss by Sweden with an open goal and I do not know how he got that ball over the post. A school child on a bicycle would have scored that opportunity.

Spain had 86% possession and 17 shots at the cherry with not a bite. 917 passes with a 90% accuracy rate yet not in front of the goal. Talk about a blunder. I had predicted a Spanish defeat and it almost came through but they survived.

Now that they have watch out because this side is special.


Tuesday’s matches 15/06/21

The group of death starts.

There are no weak teams in this group. Some may look and say Hungary will be the whipping boys but do not be surprised if the shock some of the bigger names. They qualified from a difficult group and are here to show they belong with the big boys.

Hungary vs Portugal   12 noon Fernec Pukas Stadium

 This will be a contest of the ages. Ronaldo will become the greatest scorer in Euro cup history and I predict a brace from the great man. This will be a hard match and a tough one for both teams. It will be high scoring as well and this can be a 3-2 spectacle in favour of Portugal.

France vs Germany 3pm   Allianz Arena prediction   3-3

This is a dream match far less to a group match. This is a hard prediction. Both teams are great but France has the problem of who to leave out. If you look at their bench strength, it looks like an international side by itself. Germany in any major competition is never a pushover team and never to be underestimated.

France are not accustomed to being behind and for Germany to succeed they must score first.  I will call this a draw because we are playing in Germany and I predict they will meet again in the final.




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