Why I Engage Herds of Morons on Social Media

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By Alicia Chamely

I have an announcement to make.

As of today, I Alicia Louise Chamely will be taking a week long break from social media.

No longer can I stand the increasing levels of idiocy that is displayed on a daily basis by overly opinionated, questionably educated individuals that flood the comment section of every single news post.



Why don’t I just ignore it, you might be asking?

Well unfortunately, there is something genetically wrong with me; I simply cannot let dotishness go. Due to this affliction, I find myself engaging with a herd of morons who know absolutely everything and nothing at the same time.

It is almost as if I have some sort of mental defect where I feel the need to try to be a voice of reason, where I see it as a matter of duty to correct misinformation or to shutdown bias.  I do this in vain hopes that maybe I can help lure at least one person back from the abyss of political, social or medical blindness.


I say this is a genetic problem, as my brother appears to have the same affliction. The difference is he is one of those freaks of nature that never subscribed to social media. Instead he chooses to engage and mostly terrorise members of the various WhatsApp groups he is a part of.

His favourite hunting ground these days is a neighbourhood group he belongs too, despite having moved out of the area nearly two years ago. It’s amazing to me that no one has caught on to that and has expelled him.

I cannot help but fight flagrant ignorance or misguided arguments.

Pestex 12

During elections it flabbergasted me as to how diehard supporters of their parties of choice could be so blind to the faults in their idols… this is T&T where every party, every politician has a streak of sneakiness attached to them. No one is innocent.

The pandemic is what is going to kill me. Not Covid itself, but the level of infinite ignorance spewed out online every day. Let me be clear, I understand not everyone wants the vaccine. I respect everyone’s right to do what they believe is best for themselves and their families.

But again I will not tolerate misinformation or someone planting seeds of mistrust into others to justify their bias or personal agendas. Especially not from people who use fake profiles or grown ass adults using little cutesy/tough guy nicknames.

Most recently I got into it with a concerned citizen regarding the prime minister’s threat to make vaccinations mandatory for school-aged children who were eligible for the Pfizer vaccine.

Said citizen called this threat an act of dictatorship and our rights were being stripped from us.


I pointed out that no politician in T&T would have the balls to bust into your house and vaccinate you or your child against your will.

They maaaayyyy make it a mandatory requirement for public schools. In this case you still have a choice – vaccinate your child or find an alternative school. I further went on to say a dictatorship can only happen if citizens remain dependent on the Government.

I suggested said citizen organise their concerned followers to create their own educational collective, whether it be through homeschooling or in person.

I suggested they compile of list of employers of who do not require vaccinations and alert their members when there are job vacancies in these no mandate organisations.

I suggested a whole lot of ways they can disengage from the Government’s grip and not be subject to mandates enforced in Government run organisations.  After all you cannot suckle at the teat of the Government and then refuse to follow its rules.

Then I got called a sheep.

So I gave up because this was going nowhere. I was probably wrong, they were for sure wrong; we both wasted each other’s time and energy.

In fact the majority of my online disagreements go nowhere, because truthfully people’s minds cannot be changed.  No matter what evidence you may have, what suggestions you have, no matter how respectful of their choices you are, you cannot change some people’s minds, because everyone has their reasons.

Therefore I am deciding to disengage before I get accused of having the great white savior complex and before I lose complete faith in humanity.

Join me next week as I detail my adventures with my new air fryer.

(Alicia was last seen looking for instructions for her air fryer on social media)


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