Veteran Journalist David Renwick Dies at 81

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David Renwick

VETERAN Journalist David Renwick has passed away at 81.

He died on Friday after suffering from AFib (irregular heart rhythm) and other complications, relatives told local media.

Renwick lost his wife Brenda on December 13, 2017. They had been married for 50 years.

Tributes poured in for Renwick, who received the Humming Bird (Gold) medal in 2008 for his contribution to journalism.

He was a stalwart in energy reporting and had a column in the Business Express.

Renwick began his career in the media in the 1950s, following his stint on the famed Fleet Street in London.

Renwick later co-founded Energy Caribbean magazine with Discover TT’s publishers, MEP. He was also an editor of the Express in the early 1970s.

Former energy minister Kevin Ramnarine said in a release, on Friday, “In his last days, he maintained his energy column in the Business Express which was a must read for many. His weekly columns were staple reading for anyone who wanted an in-depth understanding of the energy sector.”

The Energy Chamber said, “David’s knowledge of the energy sector and his analysis of issues that affected the industry was exceptional and unparalleled.

“David could always be relied upon to attend and adequately report on our events in a manner that was balanced and professional.

“His affable nature, integrity and passion for his vocation will always be remembered.”

Renwick’s funeral takes place on December 24 at Belgrove’s Funeral Chapel in Trincity at 2 p.m.

He leaves to mourn his daughter Olivia, son Garvin, two grandchildren and brother Roger.


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