UNC Women Protest at Penal Market: We Can’t Afford Oil, Rice, Flour

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By Chantalé Fletcher

AN unusual market day for many, as the United National Congress (UNC) Women’s Arm demonstrated their disgust over escalating food prices outside the Penal Market on Saturday.

All dressed in black with similar coloured flags in hand, they marched to the beat of kitchen utensils shouting, “Rowley must go! Rowley just go now!”

Activists highlighted their plight against crime, unemployment and the collapse of democracy.


Some protesters shouted,  “We can’t afford oil! We can’t afford rice! We can’t afford flour!

“Women matter, we matter – Rowley must go!”

MP for Naparima Rodney Charles joined the women and sent a message for Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowely. “Please stay,  don’t come back. Don’t come back, we can not suffer anymore.” He was referring to Dr Rowley’s private trip to Barbados this weekend.

Charles also made reference to a Bible scripture, “The vineyard is full of work, the labourers are few and all of us have to take responsibility for our country.”


Salutes came in from MP for Oropouche West Davendranath Tancoo to the UNC Women’s Arm and to every man that supported their efforts today.

MP for Tabaquite Anita Haynes encouraged the women to continue to stand for justice.

Haynes said, “When women of a country stand up, everybody must listen. So continue to stand up for our nation, country and families and we will see the change.

“Rowley  must go now!”

While another protester cautioned that women in the PNM should be ashamed.

She shouted, “Get up, rise up because tomorrow you might not be able to get food to eat. Stand up, Rowely  must go now!”

The protest also included other UNC MPs Khadijah Ameen, David Lee and Jearlean John and other activists such as Dianne Bishop.


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